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Tuesday, Sep 17, 2019
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Face is the most important and interactive part of the body but why soldiers apply black mask type over there faces?

Soldiers and other armed forces apply these paints to save themself from any kind of heat that is caused instantly and these paints save there faces for 15 seconds from fire and other heats.

US reseacrh has now introduce a camouflage which is basically a face paint which save the the burns on face during trainings and wars. Bombs and blasts in the wide range effects there faces so they use such type of paints on there faces to secure them from any kind of effect.

These camoflage contains oil and wax. Science is struggling hard to introduce such chemicals and paints that can save soldiers from these burns as they have to take risks over bombs, burns etc.

This camoflague or paint act as a barrier and shield for every type of effect caused instantly

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