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Tuesday, Sep 17, 2019
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Burj khalifa is famouse for the world most tallest building in the world and it has 160 stories but now the time has changed. Now the war has started in dubai, war of what? war of developing buildings touching sky. “KINGDOM TOWER” and “JEDDAH TOWER”.

First we will talk about “kingdom tower” which is 1000 meters long and will cost around $1.2 billion. Almost 5 years for the construction to complete this building.

“Jeddah tower” is also in the competition of “kingdom tower” this building is more taller then Jeddah tower which is more then 1km taller. It will have 250 floors and 57 elevatores.

These both towers will have the worlds every luxary things inside which a man can think about. It is also expected that more taller buildings will be construct in the near future as trend is starting in between the billionaires to construct the tallest building.

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