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Tuesday, Sep 17, 2019
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May you have listen about the Bermuda Triangle and you may know that this sea has disappeared many ships and humans. Bermuda triangle is located in area of the Atlantic Ocean. This devil sea has disappeared many aeroplanes and ships and what ever which pass over that area. This devel sea has made scietntist in depression because no physices works in that area. This area is 53 km long. 

Bermuda triangle was discovered 100s of years ago but non of the scientist succeed to know about the reality. If any of the aeroplane or ship pass over it, the contact is disconnected to the tower and no body knows that where do they gone. No one can even come out of it. Many of the books written on it. Movies are directed on it. Christopher columbus Italian explorer, navigator, and colonist said that this bermuda triangle have such forces which grab every towords itself and they can never get out of it. Scientist are still trying to find the reality and find the ones who were disappeared in this area. But one thing is famouse about this area that if one go there, will never be seen again. 

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