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Monday, Jul 22, 2019
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 In 1940 “Ivanov” with the help of “Nikoli Petrovich Gorbunov” who was the incharge of scientist instiutes. They though to convert monkey into human being. So they travelled the whole world to find the best female chimpanzees of that type to make that experiment. He found 13 female chimpanzee from across the world with many failed trips. Bring these chimpanzes to the sukhumi. And these female chimpanzee were repeatedly injected with human male sperm but none of the female become pregrant even he used his own sperms.

 After his efforts he failed to achieve the results so he think of find the male chimpanzee and these male chimpanzee cross with the human female. In the beginning none of the human female was ready to cross with these chimpanzee but later on five females were agreed with this and these females have to stay in isolation for a time to ensure no risk of impregnation by actual human males. 

It was at this time that rumors started leaking out about the experiments, though most were dismissed as too ghoulish to be believed. The rumors might have hampered Ivanov’s efforts to obtain a male adult chimpanzee but they failed to do so. And situations changed and political parties against him for his experiments and and he was arrested and died of a stroke after two years later.

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