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Monday, Jul 22, 2019
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If you are a developer and saying that you will create the game alone like pubg, dota 2, fortnite then it’s impossible. In one case it is only possible if you servive for 200 years. These games need continousally upgradtion to run and compete in the market otherwise they will be downgraded. Pubg and fortnite are considered to be the most playing games now a days and if you think about their development system, then you must know that they have a team of hundreds who work day and night to overcome their bugs. According to our information around 3 years are minumum required to make a game like these with a team of 2 to 3 hundred people.

  After their huge struggle these games earn a lot of money. And take out the whole expense with in o year that they have spended on the development. But the development procedure never stop because they need daily upgradation to resolve issues or customer support.

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