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Saturday, Aug 24, 2019
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Internet has connected the whole world, in this era internet become the important part of life. But if internet is blocked for one day the whole system of world will collapse.

  1. Social media has now entered in our daily routines. And we can’t survive without using it. According to survey a man serve 2 to 3 hours per day on social media on average. Due to no internet the social media circle will be destroyed.
  2. Cell phones use many services of internet, cell phone will be disabled.
  3. Banking system of whole world will be stuck, no transactions occur.
  4. More then 70% businesses runs on the internet in the whole world, they all will get loss.
  5. Huge stock exchange market in the world will be down.
  6. Billionaire companies like facebook, google , Microsoft, amazon etc will be in huge loss they never had before.
  7. Terrorist forces and organizations will be having the perfect chance to heat up the environment and hit a country or multiple countries with attacks.

We were living without internet a century ago. But now the world has changed and it is very difficult to live without it.

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