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Saturday, Aug 24, 2019
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            What basically Cloning is? Cloning are the different number of processes to produce genetically identical copies of biological entity.

Plants cloning is possible, animals cloning was also done but they don not look identical to them. If we talk about human cloning then it is not possible. Despite this famous scientist claim that human cloning stills appears to be fiction. But there is no solid scientifically evidence that any one has cloned human embryos.

In 1998, scientist in South Korea claimed to have successfully cloned a human embryo but the experiment was interrupted very early when the clone was just a group of four cells.

What if human cloning is done?

But if human cloning will done in the future, then people with same face, same genes, same thumb impression, eyes will be produced and we can’t differentiate between the real and the cloned one. The whole human identity system will be disturb.

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