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Saturday, Aug 24, 2019
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            Lady Diana was famous for her beauty. She was called to be the most beautfull women in the world.

She married to Prince Charles who has an amazing personality. Her marriage life was gone through lot of problems. Day by day her her life was becoming disastrous. She have two sons. She treated every person with respect that they deserved as a human being. She gave love to the every person she met. She gave a helper hand to poor’s.

Due to lot of problems in life, her patience broke, wanted to go out of that marriage and got divorced. Royals tried to take back her royalty and title back. But no one could take her back loyalty.

She was died in car a accident. Many peoples made allegations on royal family that they killed her. We don’t know correctly about this. But whole Britain cried for her death.

And she is still in the hearts of people.

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