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Monday, Jul 22, 2019
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           Earth quake: Dogs can sense the rocks crumbling in the surface and they behave something odd. If your dog perform sudden odd behaviours, don’t ignore them because he must have sense some thing change in the environment.

Human behaviour: Dogs can sense the sense of defaulter person wandering around. He may start barking on him. Or If you come back home and dog start barking on reaching at the door. This means dog has sense something unusual inside the house so be alert. E.g dog can sense the thief inside the house.

Storm: Dogs have a huge power of receiving any kind of waves. If there comes storm, dogs can hear these electromagnetic waves produced into the sea. Dog will inform you  by performing some actions about these storm that is gonna hit them.

Illness: Human body gives some faint odors of illness. If your dog sniffs some special part of body direct contact to your doctor. Because there may a diabetes or cancer.

Detecting illegal substance: Dog can sense the illegal substances inside the box or any where by just sniff at them. E.g dogs can detect the guns, drugs, bombs etc that are illegal. Dogs can easily be trained for this.

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