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Saturday, Aug 24, 2019
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According to research women get in more crashes than men.

While women drive one by third by men but they crash more car then men. There are lot of reasons of this failure of accidents.

Most of the time we see the girls are too sharp in there life but why they become confuse while driving. It really doesn’t means that they lack confidence. Analysis show that female to female accidents made up to 20% of all crashes. And this is much more then expected.

Main reason of Accidents:

Less training then man: On a routine basis, women are given cars to go only nearby places or to pick the kids from school. We do not allow women to drive car for long drives or for something else. There practice is limited to 1-5 kms only. Then how can they be the perfect driver??

Less motivation then men: It is really easy to say that women are poor drivers then men. But did we ever motivated them on driving? That girls are better. This thing also demotivate the women.

We need to give our women good training, always allow them to drive with you. This thing assure them that they are driving well thats why you are allowing them them to drive, this increase there confidence. And possibly this confidence lower the number of crashes.

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