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Saturday, Aug 24, 2019
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First camera with a successful photograph was build in 1816 by “Nicephore”.

First camera was created with a very small camera of paper coded with silver chloride, which darkened when it exposed to light. His experiment was under the testing when he died, “Louis Daguerre” continued to the experiment and in 1837 created the first photograph process.

The first reflex camera was introduced In 1928 named as “TLRs” and “SLRs” and later on the technologies come out.

First pioneer camera was huge in size and several people operated the camera and the camera size was approximately a Room. And these big cameras were used till 1940’s. These cameras can take the picture but can not save them, the photographer had to take the task to manually tracing the images after snapping them. In the beginning these cameras take the blurry pictures. Later on these technologies improved. The first camera takes only black and white picture. In 1940’s coloured camera’s launched and become common.

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