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Saturday, Aug 24, 2019
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            It's that part where you wake up sober and fear or believe, or even realise that what you dished out in that haze did real damage to your life.

“Blue whale” is the most famous game, who killed lot of people by giving them some tasks. This game played against human psychology and after some instances this games was banned.

“The pass out challenge” in this game the task was to bagin choking themselves to deprive their brain of oxygen to achieve a euphoric high.

“The salt and ice challenge” in this game teenagers first put salt on their skin and place ice over it under the challenge. the salt reduces the temperature of the ice to -26 degree celcius causing burns to the players.

“The fire challenge” in this game a player put himself in fire and record a video of it.

“The cutting challenge” in this game the admin see the pictures of task and cut his arm according to the given task and upload picture there.

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